Bulldogs Grill’s Holy Cow burger

Daily Special Burger at Bulldogs Grill, celebrating Harry Caray’s birthday on March 1st

  • Swiss cheese
  • Bacon
  • Apple BBQ sauce
  • 8 oz. Beef patty simmered in beer. It might be… It could be… It is (probably) Budwiser!
  • Lettuce
  • Pretzel bun

Holy Cow burger from Bulldogs Grill

Harry Caray

The Holy Cow burger, named after one of the catch phrases of famous sportscaster and Chicago personality Harry Caray is a daily special burger available at Bulldogs Grill on Harry Caray’s day of birth – March 1st.
Before I continue with this review I’ll just come out clean and say that I’ve never been a big fan of sports and having spent the majority of my teenage years in the Chicagoland suburbs I fully realize how outlandish this might sound to many of you. Chicago is a sports city – we have the Cubs, the White Soxs, the Bears, the Blackhawks and as a hole the town has a very vibrant and active sports community and its fair share of sports bars scattered all over the place. It quickly became apparent to me as soon as I moved to the U.S, that the world of sports would be the one branch of American pop culture and tradition that would forever elude me. You can ask me about a bunch of obscure linguistic curiosities of historical trivia; just don’t expect me to chime in when it’s time to discuss baseball statistics or football players. Until recently I simply dismissed such conversations with feigned annoyance, but the more time I spend at local restaurants, hole in the walls and sports bars, the more I realize that Chicagoans’ passion for sports is just that – passion. My passion is to eat, drink and be merry.. AND write about it here, so I’ve decided to let my feigned annoyance go.. and you know what? It adds some spice to this struggle we call life that No chef or mixologist will ever match.

Now, Bulldogs Grill has an entire wall menu of burgers, sandwiches and other delicacies stacked with interesting ingredients and vibrant sauces and making a selection is challenging enough to cause a 30 minute wait time with only 2 people waiting in line. I chose the Holy Cow burger because it was simple enough and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with having to pick between burgers with pineapple slices, Merkts cheddar cheese stuffed patties or crazy Voodoo sauces. My buddy got the Buffalo Ranch fries, which looked amazing, but I got the normal kind = both orders of fries were average, but the size was massive for $3-4 and I actually couldn’t finish mine. The pretzel bun was a definite surprise and was the first thing I noticed when I got my order. Kuma’s Corner has been spoiling me with this delicious bun, so I was definitely excited to see this trend as far as Grayslake. As you can see on the picture, the entire burger was smothered with a soft blanket of Swiss cheese for en even coat of mild cheesiness present in every bite, which I really appreciate. More places need to put enough cheese on their burgers! Underneath, thin slices of bacon added some saltiness, but the flavor was masked by the cheese. The 8oz. beef patty was  more on the well done side of things (I was not asked how I wanted it cooked), but it was still juicy and somewhat succulent because of the beer that it was simmered in. I can’t put my finger of what kind of beer was used, but if I were a betting man I’d say it was….. *sigh* Anheuser-Busch Budweiser American Adjunct Lager [5.00% ABV], you know, based on the fact that it is cheap, already associated with the American tradition of grilling meat, and last, but certainly not least, because Mr. Caray was a Bud Man! So yeah, although it gave the beef puck some much needed tenderness it was severely lacking in the flavor or aroma department. Not surprising. Beneath it all, however, was my favorite part of this burger – the yummy, apple BBQ sauce. I’ve had it before on a different Bulldog Grill burger and was excited to try it again – it tastes just like an apple sauce and BBQ sauce hybrid: sweet, light and tangy. My friend was the first to notice that the sauce kind of blended very well with the cheese and bacon and at the end of every bite it was ultimately the taste of the beef patty that prevailed over all the other ingredients. Who would have thought that a burger called The Holy Cow would be all about the beef? Oh, and there was some letter in there, I guess. For the cow to eat.
Overall a decent burger, though given all the other options I can’t see myself trying it again next year.

Pairing Suggestions:
.. Well, the Grayslake location did not have a selection of beers to choose from, so I guess this section is not really useful, unless of course you get this burger to go, of course. It’s always best to drink what you cook with, so Anheuser-Busch Budweiser American Adjunct Lager [5.00% ABV] would be just alright if you happen to have some at home. All of the other equivalents will do, really,v or you could try to pair it with an apple cider to enhance the delicious apple BBQ sauce. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider [5.00% ABV] is the only cider I’ve ever had, but its crisp, very upfront fruitiness might prove to be too strong and overwhelming for the Holy Cow’s flavor.
Personally, I had it with Cherry Pepsi. Or Cherry Coke. I don’t remember. 



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2 responses to “Bulldogs Grill’s Holy Cow burger

  1. LisaAnn Shianna Buyer

    As I recall, prior to Harry Caray’s arrival, Wrigley Field fans drank “Old Style” beer. I actually remember the local slang for it was “dog style.”

    • Oh, man, really? I guess it went…. Out of Style. *groan*
      I still have never seen a baseball game in my life. Been to a Wolves and Blackhawks game and I’ve seen the Blackhawks play their fair share of games back in 2010 when they won the Stanley Cub. Also saw the Bears vs. Colts final at the Super Bowl. That’s… about it?

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