Kuma’s Corner’s YOB burger


  • Roasted red pepper
  • Roasted garlic mayonnaise
  • Smoked Gouda cheese
  • Bacon
  • 10oz. beef patty
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Red onion
  • Pretzel bun
Kuma's Corner YOB burger

YOB burger from Kuma’s Corner

Yob-LogoOn the regular menu for both Kuma’s locations you can find the YOB burger, which is dedicated to the guys from the band with the same name, whose roots dig deeply in the fertile grounds of Eugene, Oregon for yet another doom metal band from the good ole U.S. of A.! On the list of outrageously captivating burgers, the YOB is a stacked monstrosity of ingredients which not only sound good on theory, but pass the taste test as well without being too extreme or “exotic”. YOB straddles that fine line between your typical lettuce-tomato-onion topped burger you might have on a nice day out and something that some of your Balkan friends might have forgotten to put on a salad, and stylistically can be compared to the sweetness of the High on Fire burger paired with a bit of the pungency of the garlic-infused Plague Bringer burger. Burger starts with the typical, yet tried-and-true combination of crispy, crunchy and refreshing toppings represented by a slice of tomato, some lettuce and red onion, which meet you half-way between that signature for both Kuma’s restaurants Highland Baking Co. pretzel bun and a whole, humongous roasted red pepper which, like a red carpet, paves the road to the Gluttony Awards. Sweet and thick, yet just as soft as the bread, the pepper was perfectly grilled and peeled, and combined with the onion and tomato really reminded me of my homeland’s Shopska salata and contrasted beautifully with the chewier, crispy bacon underneath for a great combination of sweet and savory! The roasted garlic mayonnaise here was also hard to miss, providing that slight hint of heat and unmistakable garlic pungency, thought it is like a distant memory rather than the bolder garlic uppercut of the Plague Bringer. It was actually easier to notice with the nose. And, last but not least, the smoked Gouda cheese was creamy and delivered with generosity for its signature nutty aroma and flavor, just begging to be paired with a nice, foamy mug of beer. I’d say that it went quite well with the bacon, but… come on. Everything goes well with bacon.
The YOB burger is simply fantastic, and it is one of those things that you could try to experiment with at home for something different. Roast a pepper, add some garlic, go for something besides the crappy, processed American cheese, and WOW your loved ones… and your enemies.

Pairing Suggestions:
To appreciate the YOB’s oveall sweetness combined with the creamy, nutty profile of the Gouda cheese, I decided to start the night with a beer from one of my favorite breweries out there, represented by the Off Color Brewing Scurry Altbier/Dark Honey Ale [5.30% ABV], which boasts and delivers hints of honey, sweet molasses and oats, which may sound sticky and syrupy as hell, but it goes down smoothly without even a hint of the thickness of say, oatmeal stouts.. or other stouts in general. Very dry, and with a nuttiness which I want to say reminds me of raw walnuts, which really meshed well with the Gouda cheese. And, because Scurry reminded me of a stout, I decided to meet the YOB with a big glass of Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout Sweet Stout [6.00% ABV]. Man. What a great stout that is. The chocolate flavor is a bit over the top for the YOB, but big, hearty gulp quickly bring out the complex combination of barley and even more oats which make Milk Stout a super smooth, malty goodness which belong in a very, very delicious milkshake for grownups.

Do not let this fool you that the author of this blog is a grownup.


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