Kuma’s Corner’s Windhand burger

Burger of the Month at Kuma’s Corner for September, 2014

  • Chives
  • Fried egg over easy
  • Fried prosciutto
  • Bacon fat red eye gravy
  • Cheesy grits
  • 10 oz. Beef patty
  • Pretzel bun
Kuma's Corner Windhand burger

Windhand burger from Kuma’s Corner

Windhand LogoSeptember flew by and once again I find myself trying to play catchup with all the exciting food I’ve been consuming, so pardon the delay and enjoy the read anyway, for Kuma’s Corner‘s September BOTM was dedicated to the doom metal greatness of Windhand, a band hailing from Virginia. And indeed, what better way to celebrate the slow, patient and sludgy sound of the band than with an equally glutinous burger?With plenty of good ole Southern flair and a breakfast theme to boot, the Windhand reminded me of the Sourvein burger, though that was more of a Ron Swanson/Lesley Knope lovechild with just as much “subtlety”, whereas the Windhand’s composition had a less unbelievable list of ingredients. I could totally see it as the overly decadent, often feared special in some bed and breakfast place. First thing first, the Windhand boasted with a perfectly executed fried egg which was cooked over easy which spilled runny yolk below and mixed with the grease from the prosciutto, the bacon fat, the burger and the grits. Each bite was a delight with the yolk really bringing all the rest of the ingredients together, and the egg white was fluffy and paper thin. You can see how there is barely any brown around the edges on the picture, proving that fried eggs on top of burgers are more than just a fad. There are here to stay and for a good reason. After all, just a couple months ago The Daily Meal crowned the Kuma Burger as the Best Burger in America, and you better believe that it is adorned with a delicious, delicious fried egg as well.

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

The fried prosciutto was almost identical to a nice, thick cut of bacon with less of a crunch, more saltiness and a tad less smokiness. It was surprisingly great and very, very different from the usual super thin cuts of this dry-cured Italian ham, and it definitely absorbed some of the flavor of the bacon fat red eye gravy which gave it a little oomph in the savory department. Speaking of the bacon fat eye gravy? Whoah. I had never had it before and was thoroughly impressed by the taste which was somewhat nutty, like taking a sip of mocha at just the right temperature right after a big bite of a bacon croissan’wich. The black coffe and the bacon grease were definitely present, but together they subdued each other and formed a super pleasant gravy. Loved every bite of it. Best part? It wasn’t alone. The cheese grits, added a pinch of graininess due to what I think was Cheddar cheese in the mix. maybe some Monterey Jack as well, and in consitency and greatness reminded me of the cheddar polenta of the Corrections Burger which I had way back in April, 2014. Creamy and smooth at first, with a barely noticeable textured mouthfeel, the grits really wrapped things up. I was definitely impressed with the simplicity of this breakfast burger, and the Windhand is definitely one of my favorite burgers to ever come out of Kuma’s Corner’s tiny kitchen. Nothing too crazy, but definitely insanely good. If you missed out on this Burger of the Month I won’t judge you for sobbing for a while. Go ahead, crying is good for you.

Pairing Suggestions:
Though relatively simple, I found myself scratching my head for a while when it came to pairing the Windhand with a beverage. SURE, a nice Screwdriver OJ goodness, or even a stiff Bloody Marry would have turned this into a great brunch meal, but I enjoyed the challenge and did not falter. Going down the list of beers I decided that I wanted something to match the bacon fat red eye gravy element, so I automatically thought of something malty but not too forward. I didn’t want chocolate, I didn’t want something too watery, nor too thick and a strong, bitter presence was definitely out, so I eventually order the very first Three Floyds beer I ever had, and coincidentally the first beer I ordered at my very first Kuma’s Corner visit – Three Floyds Brewing Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale [6.50% ABV] (served on tap). With just the right mouthfeel and notes of caramel, Robert the Bruce let all the greasiness of the burger to just entwine with its complex. full body. Light carbonation which was just enough to stir things up without disturbing them, and the dark fruits and nuttiness of this ale did not obscure the gravy’s coffee flavor. Of all the beer and burger pairings I’ve ever tried, the Windhand and Robert the Bruce combo was definitely one of my favorites and just the enjoyment I got from the combination really added to the experience.


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