Guangzhou Grub: 63 Burger & Booze’s Beast Burger


  • x4 slices smoked bacon
  • x2 slices Cheddar cheese
  • x2 beef patties
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Yellow mustard
  • Sesame seed bun

Beast Burger from 63 Burger & Booze

New week. New cravings, new discoveries, and a bar set high! This article is about staples and what feels like getting closer to Guangzhou’s bestest and baddest burgers, and it takes us away from the  The Canton Place‘s 63 Steak & Burger and its chic and expensive water, to one of its branches, where burgers come first and their patties glisten among the neon red lights, darts machines and “WANTED: BURGER KILLER” posters of 63 Burger & Booze in Banghua Global Plaza, Tianhe District. The 63 B&B location has most of 63 S&B’s burger repertoire and so much more, with the Challenger Burger and, of course, the so called Classic Wagyu Beef Burger. Unlike the original location, 63 B&B’s burgers do not come with a free salad or fries, though if you go during lunchtime you can get both salad and fries for 10 RMB total, and a can of Coke or Sprite for 10 RMB. The lack of sides is also not reflected in the price of some of the burgers, so the Classic Wagyu Beef Burger is still 158 RMB, without the sides. B&B does offer some gourmet french fries, however, so at least you can indulge in that… for some extra cash. Come here for the very casual and relaxed atmosphere of what some call “THE burger spot in GZ”, but if you plan on staying for the Booze, I suggest going to the Covent Garden WC2 which has more choices and creative cocktails, and is just a stone’s throw away.

Ah, the Beast Burger (98 RMB)! WHO is the Beast is very relative, thought this is definitely a beastly burger for beastly brave souls and meat lovers. Here’s the thing – many restaurants in GZ like to throw the word “classic” around, so perusing a menu is sometimes nothing but “classic Wagyu” here and “classic cheeseburger” there, or a lonely Aussie burger bedecked with eggs, beets, etc. Out of all the burgers I’ve had so far in China, the Beast Burger is the closest thing to an authentic American style bacon cheeseburger, and it won’t even try to shove it in your face, because you’ll be… okay, you get it. No Wagyu, no fancy mayo, no eggs, just the magnificence of beef, bacon, cheddar and fresh veggies augmented by yellow mustard (It had been months since I last had ANY mustard!!!!). Between two sesame seed buns. It’s the kind of dream crushed by your significant other’s look of disapproval on every 4th of July when you try to orchestrate a meaty heist of epic proportions, and fail.

There was just so much. Yes, the construction of the Beast Burger did suffer due to the insufficient amount of sesame seed bun which struggled to contain the beef’s towering presence, so make sure to squeeze, and squeeze hard. I’d like to see it with the sturdier multi-grain type bun which the restaurant does offer – just something to better hold its own against the patties, and add some extra chewiness to the experience.  The two beef patties were bloody and juicy and a perfect medium well, lightly seasoned, and just a tad crumbly. Nothing to overburden the palate here, just the taste of a fantastic burger as big as your face, with the occasional crunchy onion or sweet, smoked bacon strip for added variety.
I can guarantee that if you like your burgers, this will become a staple for you in Guangzhou, as well as a staple American burger in a meta stuffed to the brim with Australian influence.

If you come visit for lunch, do not bother with the fries or salad. The fries were even drier and less flavorful than the (free) ones at 63 S&B and are literally just a handful, and the salad was just soggy and bitter, though I guess that’s what 10 RMB gets you? Do take advantage of the 10 RMB can of Coke or Sprite if that’s your thing. I did.
Seriously, though, what’s the deal with Coke in China ALWAYS being served at room temperature, and flat? No amount of ice or even the lemon slice it’s poured over will fix that…

Food for thought.



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