Guangzhou Grub: Hooley’s All New Hooley Burger

[Seriously, Hooley’s, give this burger an actual name. Again.]

  • Fried egg Sunny Side Up
  • Dublin Cheddar cheese
  • Guinness BBQ sauce
  • Provolone cheese
  • Caramelized onions
  • Mayonnaise
  • 7oz. ribeye beef patty
  • Roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Homemade sesame seed bun

All New Hooley Burger from Hooley’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

I am someone who loves variety, and I love to go out of my way to try new and different things, but what about the burgers that I tend to eat the most? Today I’ll write about the Guangzhou burger I’ve had the most since I came here, but due to various circumstances I haven’t been able to “immortalize” in writing.
It’s time for seconds and thirds from the smorgasbord of life, and once again I ask you to come along, take my hand, and enjoy grub and booze from every land. That land being Guangzhou, but you knew that. AND, once again I found myself in the heartland of hearty laughter and heart-clogging pub food of Zhujiang New Town’s bar scene, AND once again I’m taking you to Hooley’s Irish Pub & Restaurant because they’ve retired their sole All New 100% Wagyu Beef Burger and replaced it with a newer, cheaper, AND tastier incarnation! Long live the.. All New Hooley Burger. Awwww, man, are you kidding me? Who puts “All New” on their menu anymore….?

So, the “Wagyu” tag is gone, and so is the over 100 RMB price tag once you load this bad boy with all the goodies, though it doesn’t come with bacon, but I’ll forgive the Hooley’s crew just. this. once. Conceptually both the new and the old are similar, and they even look alike, but the Hooley Burger benefits from being able to experiment a bit without being afraid of masking the high end qualities of the Wagyu that it no longer has. So, it boats more ingredients, and delights with an Irish twist, though it’s nowhere as bold as Paddy Long’s Irish Breakfast BurgerIt comes with a big pile of steak fries and delicious mayonnaise-based coleslaw with a black peppery kick to it, which I absolutely love.


The meal!

The Hooley Burger offers a dichotomy – a well seasoned fried egg Sunny Side Up cooked to perfection and sprinkled with a subtle, though lingering, blend of paprika, salt, black pepper, maybe even turmeric, and all of that coated the relatively au naturalebeef patty. Different bites with and/or without the seasoned egg offered a totally different flavor each and every time, and I was able to enjoy the intended experience, as well as the tiny morsels of crumbled beef patty by themselves for an authentic, meaty flavor. The Dublin Cheedar and the Provolone blended well on top of the burger, and the top and bottom lettuce sandwiched all the juiciness of the patty, the caramelized onions, and the thick, rich Guinness BBQ sauce.
The flavor of the BBQ sauce is subtle. It was somewhat lost in the umami of the caramelized onions – not necessarily a bad thing, though I had initially hoped for something bolder. The caramelized onions comes separate, though you better make sure to put them on there. Okay?
My favorite part of the burger, though? Easily the roasted cherry tomatoes.
Quite a while ago, in my first Guangzhou Grub review I gave a lot of praise for the great tomatoes on the Happy Monk Burgerbut I found the rare roasted cherry tomatoes topping were even superior at Hooley’s! The process of roasting the tomatoes enriches their umami flavor because they are glutamate-rich powerhouses, so the tiny cherry tomatoes added sweet, savory goodness further mixed with the unique aftertaste of the olive oil and herbs that they were roasted with, which was unlike anything I’ve seen before. You get a vastly different tomato flavor, and a rare to find nuanced olive “nose” released from the warmth of the burger and the olive oil used to roast the cherry tomatoes. Additionally, I felt like the olive oil aftertaste really brought the lettuce and tomato together, but it also may be what’s overshadowing the Guinness BBQ sauce.
Note to self: Perhaps asking for the tomatoes on the side would be a good way to give the sauce a better grading.
This burger is totally worth it just for this topping alone, so if you find yourself in the area you should definitely pay this place a visit.

Hooley’s Irish Pub & Restaurant (Zhujiang New Town Location)
101, 8 Xing Sheng Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou


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