Guangzhou Grub: Tristan’s Texmex Burger


  • x2 4oz. beef patties
  • Guacamole
  • Pickled jalapenos
  • Sour cream
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Pico de gallo
  • Toasted sesame seed bun

Double Texmex Burger from Tristan’s

Welcome to the Guangzhou Grub series, and… goodbye! For just like I had to say my goodbyes to the wonderful culinary capital of China, so will I have to end this wonderful series of burger articles about Guangzhou’s finest offerings of bovine genocide. Finishing this article is a bittersweet thing indeed, like the final nail and the snap that brings me back to the reality that is life back in the good ole Chicago (suburbs).
Over the course of the Guangzhou Grub series, I’ve had the chance to sample all kinds of burgers – from the down under glory of The Brew’s Aussie Burger, the peppery Chinese-inspired Sichuan Spicy Beef Burger and the “double the pleasure, double the fun” American style Beast Burger from 63 Burger & Booze to the Irish Hooley Burger. For my last article, I chose to talk about a South American Texmex hybrid, which very conveniently wraps up all the (relevant) continents.


Tristan’s Calmex Restaurant and Bar

I’m sure that at this point it’s pretty much impossible to be an expat in Guangzhou without hearing about Tristan’s, even though the Calimex establishment tucked all cozy-like in Tiyu Xilu is only a few months old. The year 2015 saw American dreamer Tristan’s journey from bringing “fire hazard” level crowds to various establishments with his all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday awesomeness (with yours truly currently being the proud record holder of 12 tacos devoured), to eventually opening up his very own restaurant and reigning supreme as GZ’s undisputed burrito king and foremost purveyor of 墨西哥欢乐卷 or simply, “Mexican Rolls of Happiness“!

Okay, burgers time.

Tristan’s Texmex Burger (50RMB for a single; 75RMB for a double) takes the glorious Mexican culinary tradition, lets it rodeo on top of a Texan crazyhorse of flavor, and then delivers a juicy burger that meets all the requirements of the American Constitution, and immediately pleases the senses with its crunchy lettuce and fresh pico de gallo, whose tomatoes and red onions mesh with a generous amount of pickled jalapeños. This fusion style of lettuce-onion-tomato, combined with the unique flavor of the jalapeños gets nice and balanced by the sour cream, which takes the heat down a notch and creates a pleasant mouthfeel with just a hint of tingly spice. All of this is then combined with Tristan’s homemade slightly chunky guacamole, which boasts an amazing citric flavor, and adds to the soft, almost disarming overall feel of the burger. Indeed, Tristan’s Texmex burger’s most unique characteristic is how well the ingredients work together to create a soft, heart-warming feeling with every bite. Speaking of beef, Tristan cooks his with a hint of Dunkel beer, whose maltiness only enhances the slight jalapeño heat – it helps what is left of it linger for a while without distracting from the rest of the flavors. The beef patties are lightly seasoned, and seared on both sides to seal and contain the juices, then covered with a serious amount of cheddar cheese to keep it all together. There is nothing greasy, fatty or sinful about the beef, and it miraculously does not drip when squeezed or bitten into, easily resulting in what I’m pretty sure is one of the best burger patties in Guangzhou, prepared and flipped by long-time stubborn vegetarian Tristan himself. He’s so good at it, it’s almost infuriatingly hard to make fun of him for not being a meat eater!

From the feel of the bun to the soft, creamy mouthfeel achieved by the sour cream and guacamole, all the way to the preparation and execution of the beef, Tristan’s Texmex Burger overwhelms the senses with some serious serenity and angelic innocence, and no amount of hot sauce could ever corrupt that, and that’s just another testament to Tristan’s skill as a chef.

With burgers, burritos (in chimichanga and enchilada style!), tacos, and an enormous, ever-expanding list of craft beers, Tristan’s Calmex Restaurant and Bar is the new vibrant and cozy hole in the wall to beat. Come for the burger and booze, then come back for an all-you-can eat veggie, chicken or pork Taco Tuesday bonanza for just 50RMB.
I’m gettin’ all teary eyed and jealous just thinking about all of you who have the opportunity to visit Tristan’s on a regular basis now..

Tristan’s Calmex Restaurant and Bar
Unit 101, No. 25, Liuyun 1st St, Tiyu Nan Lu, Tianhe, Guangzhou

Tiyu Xilu metro exit B, walk straight, make a left after the Hello Kitty shop, walk straight 1 and a half more blocks, right hand side behind the bicycle parking.

Map to Tristan's



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