Gabuttø Burger’s… Gabuttø burger


  • Sunny Side Up egg
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Red onion
  • Demi-glace sauce
  • Process Swiss American cheese
  • 1/3lb. beef and pork patty
  • Fluffy bun

Gabbuto burger from Gabbuto Burger

The story is one for the books. Cutesy burger joint kickstarts its way out of the largest Japanese marketplace in Midwestern US, expands, and starts churning out delicious burgers… with Japanese twists. Yes, I’m talking about the mighty morphin’ Gabuttø Burger out in suburban Rolling Meadows. This vibrant Japanese burger-fries-and-wings shop might slip under your radar even with its adorable anime interior and bright colors, so pay heed and sharpen your canines, cause it’s gabu gabu time!

tokyo-subwayOne thing’s for certain – Gabuttø Burger has an appeal that is hard to beat, especially when the nights start getting dangerously long and cold, and the soul gets a hankerin’ for something succulent, yet light. Because that’s what Japanese cuisine does best. Much like those videos of Japanese salary men defying the laws of physics and the fire codes of every train (ever!), so does Japanese culinomancy pack sinful flavor in a manageable package… 😉
The Gabuttø burger is a prime example. This little, 1/3-pounder of a patty seems small, but it has enough flavor for two. An interesting blend of beef and pork in the patty creates a juicy bite, that just melts in your mouth. Sure, it ain’t wagyu or kurobuta, but it doesn’t need to be – miso soup is pretty much just water and fermented soya, koji, salt and some grains, and it’s still one of the greatest foods ever. Like I said, leave it to the Japanese. It’s almost uncanny. The Espagnole sauce in the demi-glace sauce fortifies the whole thing with a concentrated umami punch filled with the lingering, heart-warming notes of beef stew and glazed carrots. The sweet, meaty accents of glutamic acid of roasted tomatoes greet you at the door, excusing themselves for a minute, just to “put something on”. I feel like the pork and beef blend of the patty actually does a better job of keeping the glace than a regular beef patty would, and overall it gives the Gabuttø burger a dreamy, pillowy mouthfeel. The entire creation is so soft and gentle on the palate that the heat is the only thing offering resistance. The usual trifecta of lettuce-onion-tomato is no match for the soft egg white, or its runny center.. and the cheese? Well, the cheese is certainly something very Asian. What is actually process Swiss American cheese is actually a slightly thicker slice of the good stuff, and it tastes like mild Emmental with the unmistakable “stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth” quality of everyone’s favorite American “cheese”. It’s the sort of stuff present in most Chinese and Japanese markets (in Asia), it’s not the best, it costs an arm and a leg, and it’s always totally worth it. If you’ve ever had to live in Asia, you know. Sometimes the struggle for cheese is real… Here the cheese pairs perfectly with the egg and adds another layer of pleasant softness, and the home-made fluffy bun seals the deal.The entire thing disappears before you know it, it’s just that petite and delicious.

For a grizzled (read: fat) burger man like myself, I’d need at least two Gabuttø burgers, or at least an accompanying bag of their signature Frittøs:
Thinly sliced fries served unseasoned. It’s up to you to shake them like a Polaroid picture and season to taste with some of the following powders – Fry Seasoning, Garlic & Butter, Spicy Garlic, Wasabi , Nacho Cheese, Curry & Cheese, Cheesy Jalapeño, Ranch Dressing aaand Salt. Wasabi Mayo, Spicy Mayo and Tomato Ketchup sauces are also available. Go craaazy.

Overall, lot of options! The place delivers on atmosphere, and it certainly has that Japanese twist, just as promised. It’s more than just a gimmick – the place serves delicious, fluffy burgers. No grease, no fuss. Lots of flavor. I certainly wish that more American joints were like Gabuttø Burger!

(That’s high praise coming from me!)

Place just needs a nice list of cold ones. A beer or two would compliment the lighter burgers oh so perfectly. Food for thought, Gabuttø peeps!


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